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The Cornwall Oven Cleaning technician (Philip or Matthew), will take all the removable parts of your oven and hob to our customised van. These parts will be deep cleaned in a heated tank removing all carbon deposits and grease with a safe, non-caustic solution.

We will then clean the interior of the oven with a non-caustic formula removing all the burnt on grease and carbon. The doors will usually be removed and dismantled to allow us to clean between the glass panels. We then remove the grease and carbon that builds up behind the fan so that no grease or carbon remain than can cause your oven to smoke.

After reassembling the appliance we clean and polish the exterior to leave your oven fresh and shining inside and out.


Repairs and Replacements

We carry spares in the van and can usually replace broken bulbs and extractor filters while carrying out the clean at no extra cost.


Formulas and Chemicals

It is very important for your health and ours that everything we use is not only non-caustic and bio-degradable but leaves your oven ready for immediate use.